Musical Theater Basel



Overview During the three-year remodeling process of the world famous Stadtcasino Basel, the Stadtcasino’s Operating Company required a temporary venue to present their 200+ yearly events. The provisional theater had to accommodate an audience of up to 1500. And, provide professional level acoustics and theatrical support systems. "The Musical Theater Basel, was selected to play [...]

XL Studios



Overview Deep beneath NY’s fabled Soho District lies an 835 sq. ft. recording studio dedicated to the artists on XL Recording’s select assemblage of labels. A subterranean “Bat Cave,” with an enviable collection of vintage gear, expectations for the creative potential of this cool and secluded space were understandably high. Program Initially completed in 2016, [...]

Parliament Hall Landtag



The Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia is the state parliament (Landtag) of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia that convenes in the state capital of Düsseldorf, in the eastern part of the district of Hafen. The parliament is the central legislative body in the political system of North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to passing of laws, [...]

German National Theatre Weimar

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The ‘Deutsche Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar (DNT)’ is the most important musical and theatrical venue in Weimar, Germany. It is a twin institution, consisting of the theatrical Deutsches Nationaltheater (German National Theatre, now solely based in Weimar) and the symphony orchestra known as the Staatskapelle Weimar. It has a total of six stages across the [...]

Scharoun Theater Wolfsburg



The Scharoun-Theater Wolfsburg is a theater building in Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony. It was built 1973 according to plans by architect Hans Scharoun. Every year the venue produces its own performances, and additionally it serves as one of Germany’s largest houses for touring and guest productions. As part of a general renovation, work was performed [...]

Bucharest National Opera



The historical heritage building of the National Opera Bucharest suffered from too dry and generally disadvantageous room acoustical properties. Additionally, the musician’s mutual hearing conditions were poor within the orchestra pit. ADA-AMC was commissioned to lead an acoustical renovation and alteration of the hall. The main acoustical task was to increase the room’s reverberation time [...]

Senate Garage



Overview Situated directly in front of Kingston, NY’s historic Senate House Museum, The Senate Garage represents the city’s newest and most sophisticated “industrial” event venue. The 7500 sq. ft. converted garage (circa 1921) has been repurposed to accommodate up to 450 guests for an array of events that runs the gamut from weddings, to birthday [...]

Torre Banco Macro

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Overview  Designed by leading New Haven, CT-based architectural firm Pelli Clarke Pelli, the 30-​story Banco Macro headquarters tower is distinguished by an oval profile, which rises with a gentle inward-curving plane. This sculptural shape efficiently fits the building into its irregularly-​shaped five-​sided site on Catalinas Norte, B.A.’s “Wall Street.” Program The two triple-height top floors for executive [...]

Casa Fontela



Overview Early on in the process of planning their 3000 sq. ft. dream home in Buenos Aires’ upscale suburb of Cañuelas, the owners commissioned WSDG partners Silvia and Sergio Molho to create the entire interior design, from color palette and furniture to a high end, acoustically fine-tuned, home theater. The project provided interior designer Silvia [...]

55TEC Studio


Overview In announcing the completion of 55TEC Recording Studios owner Li You, a Golden Melody Award-winning recording engineer said, “With China now acknowledged as the world’s second largest economy, we have seen a tremendous increase in the market for popular music. Over the past ten years a number of major artists have developed huge loyal [...]

Wallis Annenberg Hall Lobby – University of Southern California



Overview The University of Southern California’s Wallis Annenberg Hall in Los Angeles is a $150 million building dedicated to media education, communication and production. Completed in 2014, the 88,000 sq. ft. structure is distinguished by a dramatic 360° ‘converged media’ center, outfitted with a circular ‘assignment desk’ which is crowned by a media ‘halo’ of [...]

Blue Table Post


Overview Blue Table Post, is an ultra-modern video/audio post-production complex with an artisan-based creative philosophy and a future-proofed technology core. Designed to support the creative talents of triple Emmy-winning editor Oliver Lief, Emmy-winning recording mixer/sound designer Rich Cutler, and senior colorist/vfx artist Begonia Colomar, the complex is situated in a handsomely renovated five storey building, [...]

Melrose Ballroom



Overview  The Melrose Ballroom is one of NYC’s most unusual live music and private event venues. A sprawling 25,000 sq. ft. four-story building just across Manhattan’s Queensboro Bridge, the recently completed structure features a 5,000 sq. ft. Main Ballroom with a 20’ ceiling height, a 2250 sq. ft. Mezzanine overlooking the ballroom, a 1400 sq. [...]

Lubavitch Aventura South


Overview When the Lubavitch Aventura South Synagogue decided to build a new shul to accommodate their growing congregation, Rabbi Mendel Rosenfeld and the leaders of the executive committee led by successful realtor, Morris J. Kaplan, reached out to local Miami architect Shapiro Associates for an appropriate design. Extensive knowledge of the technological restrictions for constructing [...]

PepsiCo Content Studio

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Overview With the goal of initiating and nurturing synergistic relationships with new and established video, music, TV, digital and Internet content creators, PepsiCo commissioned a cutting edge 4,000 sq. ft. production/post-production complex at the hub of NYC’s pacesetting SoHo artistic community. WSDG’s architectural/ acoustical expertise was engaged to collaborate with Granoff Architects to create a [...]

Young Israel Synagogue



Overview Orthodox Jewish congregations are not permitted to employ electronic sound reinforcement or amplification technology in their temples. Acoustic design therefore, plays a critical role in assuring acceptable levels of speech intelligibility for their services. This issue was a paramount concern when Miami’s Young Israel Temple began planning their new Shul. To compensate for the [...]

International School of Panama Performing Arts Center



Overview The International School of Panama’s Performing Arts Center is a ​550 seat multinational theater designed by Mallol & Mallol, which represents the most advanced and best-equipped venue of its kind in the country. Approached through a large entrance square, with separate areas designated for outdoor activities and performances, the theater was created to serve [...]

Undisclosed Location Studios



Overview When designing their 5,000 sq. ft. DC-area home, Matt MacPhail and his wife, Ann Lyles MacPhail agreed on one somewhat unorthodox ‘must have;’ a full up, professionally designed, acoustically superlative recording studio for their thriving audio production business, News At Eleven Productions. Having done their work over the past fifteen years in a variety [...]

Pangu 7 Star Hotel



Overview  Beijing’s Pangu 7 Star Hotel is the latest masterpiece by world-renowned architect C.Y. Lee, creator of the iconic Taipei 101 story World Financial Center. The five tower complex features lavish hotel suites and private residences, a world-class office building, deluxe restaurants, conference rooms, and breathtaking views of the 2008 Olympic Park and 680 ha/1680+ [...]

Bamyasi Studio


Overview With over ten-years experience in creating fresh, relevant, story-focused sound for TV commercials, networks, record labels, brands, films and video games, director/producer Christian Cooley was ready to expand to a full service audio production facility to meet his growing client needs. With credits ranging from Coors, Head & Shoulders, Gamesa and Cadillac, he knew [...]

VSL Synchron Stage



Overview  A leading developer of orchestral sample libraries and music production software, the VSL Synchron Stage enlisted WSDG, to upgrade its historical (circa 1940) scoring stage into a cutting-edge recording facility. The reconfigured complex now provides enhanced acoustics and cutting edge technology for recording film music and, the full spectrum of orchestral and choral works. [...]

Boston Symphony Orchestra Control Room



32nd TEC AWARD WINNER! Overview A cultural icon for 134 years, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is world-renowned for the excellence and diversity of its performances. Broadcast from Symphony Hall, via radio, TV and the Internet, these symphonic and ‘Boston Pops’ concerts encompass the entire spectrum of classical and contemporary music, from Rachmaninoff to Manilow. After over [...]

Clap Studios


Overview Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, is committed to establishing itself as a leader in that country’s film, TV and audio production/post production industry. In 2011 three of the countries most successful experts in the field joined together to create Clap Studios, a state-of-the-art Dolby® dubbing theater. To insure the highest level aesthetic [...]

WildSound Studios


Overview Introduced in 2003 by Mike Idioma, one of the Philippines’ most accomplished sound engineers, WildSound quickly built a reputation for feature film and commercial location recording and eventually for providing top-drawer sound recording equipment rentals. By 2007 the firm was considered one of the most innovative audio production firms in the country, and was [...]

Ellis Marsalis Center for Music (EMCM)

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Overview Seven years after Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc with ‘The Big Easy,’ 70,000+ volunteers led by artist/activists, Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr. had accomplished a miracle. They raised the funds and contributed the sweat equity to build 72 single-family homes, 10 elder-friendly apartments, and the 17,000 sq. ft. Ellis Marsalis Center for Music/Musician’s Village [...]

Katara Studios



Overview Doha, the capitol and principal city of Qatar, has welcomed the completion of Katara Studios, one of the Middle East’s largest and most technically advanced recording/audio production complexes. Created by WSDG, the 65, 000 ft2/6040 m2 compound, represents a major facet the Katara Committee’s mandate to establish Doha as one of the most vibrant media [...]

ESPM Broadcast Teaching Center



Overview ESPM, one of Brazil’s premiere institutes of higher learning has inaugurated a cutting edge Broadcast Teaching Center for its São Paulo Journalism Campus. Positioned as an elliptical, six-station teaching island, the 45m2 / 480ft2 classroom/production center provides students with full visual access to all production/broadcast activity. The classroom enables students to immerse themselves in [...]

Club NEO



Overview NEO, is a dazzling new club/bar/restaurant located on the ground floor of an upscale high-rise in Zurich’s burgeoning Europaallee Sector. Although the rapidly gentrifying area is adjacent to the Swiss Railroad Mainstation, the local residents’ chic demographic makes late night clamor particularly objectionable. Sensitive to potential neighborhood noise issues, the venue owners resolved to [...]

Parque Viva (Viva Park)



Overview Viva Park, Central America’s first sports/entertainment/corporate events center is built on the 300,000 m2 / 3,229,173 ft2 grounds of a former auto racetrack. The venue creatively combines three separate attractions within a picturesque, estate-like setting. The Amphitheater is designed to host audiences of up to 16,000 fans for rock shows and other live performances. [...]

Huber Music Room



Overview An inspirational view of the Pacific coastline melds with flawless acoustics to establish the ultimate creative environment for musician/businessman, Chris Huber’s personal studio. Music has always been an integral part of Huber’s lifestyle, and when he bought a family home in Carlsbad, CA, he knew exactly where the studio would live. A primary aesthetic [...]

El Aleph Luxury Residence / Hotel Complex



Overview A luxury apartment building /100-room hotel, El Aleph anchors the redevelopment of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires’ former industrial port district. Adding new life and excitement to the city’s waterfront area, this ambitious project represents the final chapter of the Faena Arts and Technology District’s transformation. Comprised of three mixed-use residential schemes, the development creates [...]

Dream Asylum



  31st TEC AWARD NOMINEE   Overview One of the contemporary music scene’s most prolific hit producers, Nate ‘Danja’ Hills and partner Marcella Araica have added a cutting edge, Walters-Storyk Design Group recording studio to their N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars) label. Recognized for their work with artists ranging from Britney Spears and Madonna to Justin Timberlake Mary [...]

The Church Studios / Paul Epworth



  31st TEC AWARD WINNER! Overview Originally built in 1855, the Crouch End Church was bought by Eurythmics’ producer/artist Dave Stewart in 1984, and reborn as The Church Studios where he worked with artists ranging from Dylan and Depeche Mode to Annie Lennox. Recording star David Gray purchased the studio in 2004 and further expanded its [...]

Rio 2016 – Barra Olympic Park



Overview Barra Olympic Park was developed as Rio’s primary 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games competition center.  It will also serve as the city’s largest sporting legacy when the competitions end. With an area of 1.18 million square meters, Olympic Park includes nine sports venues. The Olympic Arena and Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre were built for [...]

The Metroplex At KITEC



Overview Early in 2014 the Metroplex, a luxurious 9 screen multiplex cinema, opened in Hong Kong’s iconic Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.  Adjacent to the widely popular Star Hall, scene of many major international concerts, The Metroplex is an investment property of Hopewell Holdings Limited.  The complex reflects the Group’s vast experience in [...]