Wed, Apr 1, 2015 2:00 PM EDT


Why is the critical speech intelligibility of audio networks so frequently compromised? Moving signal from point A to point B is never enough–clarity and intelligibility are the core requirements of any network. In this webcast, internationally recognized expert and educator John Storyk will focus on the sending and the receiving ends of any networked audio environment and how to improve the listening/communication experience in workplace, educational and recreational spaces.
This webcast will cover:

-Acoustic fundamentals and why they matter
-System organization and optimization
-Conferencing and presentation
-Content capture best practices
-Playback accuracy – speaker placement / microphone placement
-Room tuning
-Architecture and ergonomics
-Noise/quietness and reflection/absorption
-Internal room responsiveness
-Speech vs. music
-Audio processing (what is it? How can it be fixed, what are its limitations?)

Featured Speaker:
Architect/acoustician John Storyk and Walters-Storyk Design Group-WSDG, have created over 3500 broadcast, educational, live entertainment and critical listening environments around the world.  His credits range from projects for CBS, WNET and XM Broadcasting facilities to distance-learning facilities for Hunter College and, the Berklee College of Music 160 Mass. Ave. music production/education complex in Boston where he also serves as an adjunct professor.  Storyk is a member of the AIA and the AES.  He lectures at schools around the U.S. and has established courses in acoustics at Yale University, Columbia, NYU and many other colleges.

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