Teaching and educational projects have always been a crucial part of WSDG’s operations. Our Senior Partners and Acousticians have been active in sharing our knowledge and experience through courses and lectures on acoustic design and architecture at educational institutions and conferences around the world.

The purpose of the WSDG Webinar Series is to expand the accessibility of these educational opportunities through a series of ongoing webinars and on-demand content that will explore the topics of architectural acoustic design and media systems engineering that we have come to know so well. These webinars are free and open to the public.

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AES LAC 2021 in medellin. WSDG is a diamond sponsor of this event.

September 13-17, 2021

AES LAC 2021 in Medellin, Colombia

WSDG is a Diamond Sponsor of this Event


Language: Spanish / English

Universidad ICESI – Studio Tour
Monday, September 13 – 10:00 AM ET

Universidad Javeriana / Centro Atico – Studio Tour
Tuesday, September 14 – 10:00 AM ET

E-Studios Evolution
Hosted by:
John Storyk, WSDG Founding Partner
Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner, CBDO

Wednesday, September 15 – 4:30 PM ET

WSDG Party
Wednesday, September 15 – 8:00 PM ET

Auralization Panel
Featuring Dirk Noy, WSDG Partner, Director of Applied Science and Engineering
Thursday, September 16 – 12:30 PM ET

AV Systems Integration for World-Class Recording Studios Facilities
Hosted by:
Sergio Molho,
WSDG Partner, CBDO
Federico Paez, WSDG Senior Systems Engineer
Luis Betances, FAMA Studios Executive Producer

Friday, September 17 – 11:30 AM ET

AES Show 2021 in Las Vegas. WSDG attending and giving a lecture.

October 11-13, 2021

AES Show 2021 in Las Vegas

WSDG Panels and Lectures


Language: English

New Developments In Small Room Acoustics
Accent of The “e-Studio” + Innovative Predictive Software NIRO™

Hosted by John Storyk, WSDG Founding Partner
Panelists include:
Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner, CBDO
Dr. Peter D’Antonio, REDIAcoustics Co-principal / RPG Diffusor Systems Founder
Rob Jaczko, Chairman, Music Production & Engineering Dept. Berklee College of Music
David Molho, WSDG Project Engineer
Rinaldi Petrolli, REDIAcoustics Acoustic Engineer

This virtual panel will address the rise of a new generation of powerful, diverse, compact recording & mixing studios and the evolution of NIRO™, an innovative wave-based, computer-modeling tool created to facilitate the design of these new production environments.

Mission Completed! Radio Kingston’s
Five-Year Design/Build Program Raises The Bar For Broadcast Radio Facility Design: Funded by a grant from The NoVo Foundation

Hosted by Joshua Morris, WSDG Partner, COO
Panelists include:
John Storyk, WSDG Founding Partner
Matthew Ballos, WSDG Partner, Director of Architectural Technology
Jimmy Buff, Executive Director of Radio Kingston Corp
Peter Buffett, NoVo Founder, Director

This virtual panel will detail the design and construction of Radio Kingston — a 2000 SQ. FT. broadcast complex powered by renewable energy and equipped to provide podcast audio (and video) programming that represents a template for future radio station design.

Latin America’s New Wave
Advanced Audio Teaching Facilities

Hosted by:
Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner, CBDO
Federico Paez, WSDG Senior Systems Engineer

This panel will highlight several recently completed Latin American University broadcast and music production teaching facilities that exemplify the rise of a new era in audio production education in the region.

Harlem School Of The Arts’ New Performance Venue
A Multi-Faceted Educational Gem

Hosted by Joshua Morris, WSDG Partner, COO
Panelists include:
Herb Alpert
John Storyk, WSDG Founding Partner
Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner, CBDO
Eric Pryor, HSA President

This virtual panel will discuss the creative goals and solutions behind ‘The Renaissance Project’, a $9.5 million-dollar renovation funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation to turn The Harlem School of the Arts into a welcoming next generation performance venue designed to meet the needs of Harlem’s next generation of artists and performers.

InfoComm 2021. Official Logo. Sergio Molho, from WSDG, presenting a lecture or webinar.

October 27, 2021 4:30 – 5:30 PM ET

A Post-Pandemic Overview on Latin America’s Pro Audio Industry

With Insights Into The Corporate, Educational and Recording Studio Sectors

hosted by Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner, CBDO

Language: English

This 90-minute presentation will highlight positive insights and approaches developed during the pandemic based on the “Necessity is the mother of invention,” axiom. Innovative technical advances such as NIRO™, a recently developed software platform that introduces a new paradigm in the optimization of small room acoustics are making a vital impact in the burgeoning “Work At Home” sector. An entirely new “e-Studio” concept focused on highly efficient, economically sound professional recording /mixing environments are empowering recording artists, engineers, and producers to create high quality audio and video productions in superbly compact, acoustic and aesthetic environments which meet the standards of far larger and more costly professional studios.