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John Storyk On Electric Lady’s Longevity

Interview by Matthew Fellows The industry stands at a crossroads as we make the leap into a new generation of studios. April saw the demolition of the original ‘U2 Studio’, Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, just one of a dwindling number of places that stood to represent the golden era of recording. But although the [...]

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Trade Conference FootballBuildExpo

Wednesday - Friday, November 26 - 28, 2014 St. Petersburg, Russia Trade Conference FootballBuildExpo “Designing for High Quality Speech Intelligibility in Stadia” Presented by Dirk Noy, Partner & General Manager, WSDG Football Build Expo 2014 is a unique business platform for communication and networking between top officials of Ministries, Departments, Administrations of the regions involved [...]

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Broadcasting Design

AES 137th. Los Angeles, California Thursday, October 9 - Sunday, October 12, 2014 Title: Broadcasting Design Chair: John Storyk co-principal, WSDG Description: TO MOVE, OR NOT TO MOVE? CONTRASTING SOLUTIONS - TWO WEST COAST FM STATIONS ADDRESS SHIFTING LISTENER NEEDS To download the lecture PDF please go to www.wsdg-ftp.com username: aes2014 password: aes2014 Upgrade For KPFK FM, [...]

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Project Studio Expo

AES 137th. Los Angeles, California Date: Saturday, October 11th Title: Project Studio Expo Chair: John Storyk co-principal, WSDG Abstract: The Democratization of The Recording Machine - By John Storyk, co-principal WSDG That the Project Studio Revolution has empowered artists, engineers and producers is an uncontested fact.  But headphones and ear buds aside, the rooms these [...]

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Structural and Room Acoustics Design of the New SAE Zurich Studios

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, Lucerne, Switzerland Structural and Room Acoustics Design of the New SAE Zurich Studios Contribution during Tradeshow light & sound Luzern Presenting Partner: SAE Institute Language: GERMAN

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