Project Engineer

PK Pandey, WSDG Project Manager and Executive/Sales person. Audio/Video Systems Installation and Integration.

PK has managed and had oversight in dozens of projects, focusing on quality assurance. Born in India, and moving to Amherst at the age of three, PK has been a lifelong (more or less) resident of Massachusetts, and last 30 years in Boston.

PK is one of the most creative, entrepreneurial people in the industry. He forges strong, long-term relationships with both clients and vendors. He was able to build his own brand inside of a 2B retail organization and was a large part of the inspiration for a national B2B sales team catering to highly specialized vertical markets in a total 10B industry. 

Being very active in the audio industry, and owning a commercial studio in Boston, Mad Oak Recording, PK is current with all emerging technologies,  ensuring the elegance of design, while keeping the solution scalable for the future. Besides of this, PK is a very talented guitar player, having a unique collection of guitars from all over the world.


  • University of Massachusetts Amherst


  • Audio Engineering Society
  • The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
  • WGBH-Ralph Lowell Society